101 Reasons to Shop

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Let's be honest. True shoppers don't need more excuses to go spend money, any more than we need those killer black snakeskin platform pumps for this fall. But we want them. Badly. Finally, in adorable illustrated form, here is the ultimate book for anyone who just can't resist the thrill of the hunt. From justifications to sale-abrations, health benefits to the Shopper's Commandments, these 101 sassy, silly, and sorta serious excuses include: responsible shopping fuels America's economic prosperity; if you wear it to work, it's tax-deductible; your high school reunion is coming up. You know eventually; your inner critic is no match for a sexy pink push-up; It's true - organizing your closet will cause you to become completely organized in all other areas of life; it'll get you that many miles closer to Aruba; and, July 4 - What's more patriotic than celebrating your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of cute summer sandals? - There are obligations that go along with being so good looking. Filled with charming original illustrations by artist Carly Monardo, this book will inspire shoppers everywhere - and who knows? The subsequent spending spree just might help end the recession.

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