The Chloe Files #1: Ashes to Ashes

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A silver locket said to have belonged to Joan of Arc and a children's nursery rhyme...A 600-year-old monkey with an attitude and a mysterious supernatural symbol on a Caller ID box...A deadly plague reemerging in the seaside town of New Salem, Maine, and the manifestation of a little girl's ghost...How do these tie in with the sudden disappearance of Chloe's fiance, Detective Sergeant Arlo Grimm, while on a routine search for a lead to her twin sister, who vanished thirty years earlier? When the answer points to an Evil she'd thought vanquished Chloe knows she's in over her pretty blonde head and this time she'll have nothing to rely on except her own wits and courage. But will that be enough to save her and the life of the man she loves?

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Golden Perils Press
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