Ornamental Horticulture

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'Applied Ornamental Horticulture' consists of 16 s authored by 18 eminent working scientists related to various applied fields of Ornamental Horticulture. A highly illustrated book, comprising over 75 colored pictures, it is unique in its exhaustive coverage,content and structure. The book not only provides the concept but gives on hand information related to all day today practical aspects of applied ornamental horticulture. It is difficult to provide universally valid recommendations for agronomic and cultural practices for all the ornamental plants as they are grown under different ecological and soil conditions in different climatic zones. However, the general cultural practices like soil and water requirements, planting time and depths; fertilizing, mulching, flowering season, storage and insight about the applied aspects of ornamental horticulture are given for each, although it varies from region to region and under different growing conditions and climate. The book has covered various aspects of gardening and Landscape planning. . All the s are very comprehensive and informative for day today activities in our daily gardening ventures. The book will be useful to students , city dwellers and scholars of Horticulture.The book is a ready reckoner to house wifes and is an essential table book.Transition of conventional gardening to virtual digital garden is indicated and at no point of time and space, natural divine garden can be replaced by digital virtual gardens.Garden has life while virtual garden is insensitive.

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