Clean: Organic Household Tips that Don't Cost the Earth

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Keep your home healthy and save a fortune

Filter out the wrong advice: What really works? What doesn't? What's safe? What isn't?

As the Cleaning Guru for The Guardian's Weekend Magazine for many years, Stephanie helped hundreds of readers solve their impossible stains and household cleaning catastrophes the healthy, non-toxic way.

Read 100+ of the best of her household tips. And much, much more...


The Housework Hater's Healthy Quick Cleaning Guide - top tips to keep your home environment healthy and clean, saving you both time and money.

So what about the vinegar? Many useless home remedies are recycled on the internet over and over again. This book recommends the best uses for vinegar, baking powder, lemon juice etc.

What really works? What doesn't? And what's likely to cause more damage than cure? Put baking powder on your carpet, for instance, and you could be left with a permanent pale stain.

Non-toxic stain removal - The Knowledge. Unique guide to the simple code that teaches you the quick, easy way to identify and treat stains instantly. Read once and you'll never have to refer to a stains chart again.

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