Writing with Spirit: A Journalistic Guide to Effective Writing


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"The pen is mightier than the sword." and, "What the world needs is...not just more preachers, but...consecrated pens." Christians have been changing the world with their words and their pens for centuries. But, not everyone is a skilled writer. For those who have a story to tell, an idea to communicate or a word that will inspire others, but feel frustrated that they don't have the skills to effectively communicate, here's a resource tool that will help you to sharpen those writing skills. Writing with Spirit is written for writers of all levels and specifically written with Canadian Christians in mind. So, whether you are a student who needs help writing essays, or are someone who feels God is calling you to share your heart with our world, here's a book to help you do that. "It's finally been written! Lois Sweet has given us the "bible" for Christian writers. No writer or aspiring writer can any longer say they weren't told. Lois Sweet in Writing with Spirit: A Journalistic Guide to Effective Writing not only covers the essentials of good writing but provides concrete examples. This book is not only for journalists and writers but will greatly serve college and seminary students, enabling them to see better how to construct papers and exams." -Brian C Stiller, President Tyndale College-University "Not only well written and thorough, but also acutely necessary. The intellectual high ground has to be challenged by Christian people, and that involves a new, intelligent and far more profound approach to literacy and literature. Here is the resource to help do that." -Michael Coren, Author, Journalist, Radio/TV Host

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