ach, so: Gedichte nach Du, Poems Du-Style


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'Du' means 'you (singular)', as in the German in this little world. 'Du' the one word to it all, where English simply says 'Life'.

So, it's all about you. Where do you think you are going?, what do you suppose? - the old question. You again? Of course.! Who else? You are NOT alone, that's all.

Du is all I want, all I need. Du, and my heart sits so well. Du, and I let fly.

Doing worse than a vagabond? Who wants to be a vagabond? Doing worse than a vagabond? Du informs. Can't miss. Never so weak-minded, so see. Have a quiet smoke, see.

Du, and I let fly. I don't care fucks, none, anymor-e.

Tang kau laih kay, lah!

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