Sex In The Men's Room: An Androgyne Hopes NOT To Be Slit Ear To Ear: Men's Men's Poetry


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I have updated the view of the Way Ahead, in: ' through 2.1..., The Way Ahead, as it looks now', current as of 27 March 2020.

The rest of the volume consists of men's men's poetry from a vagabond's perspective. Including the two song parodies that have stood the 'test of time': 'Wim' (Wilhelm, William), after the classical, 'Wien' (Vienna), and 'It Came Upon A Sudden Morn, or, Theme of the Original Androgyne', after Secret Garden's 'Sometimes When It Rains'; and, 'Men's Men's Chant, Part I & II, Consolidated and Updated'.

Doing worse than a vagabond? Have a quiet smoke, see.

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