Death Never Changes

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Felix is an average teenager whose favorite past time is reading and learning about zombies with his friends. His near obsession of the topic often prompts comments that he should spend less time learning about zombie lore and more of his time on practical things that could be applied to the real world. All of that changes when the dead begin to rise and the living start to die and the world around him starts to resemble one of his zombie novels or movies. Suddenly he finds himself the unlikely hero in a world where reality has become stranger than fiction and where his hobby of planning for a zombie apocalypse becomes vital to the survival of those around him. As he and his friends struggle to fight against death itself they realize that truth is often much stranger than fiction...and allot more deadly. ** This novel is a horror story which includes scenes of death and violence. It may be too intense and graphic for younger or more sensitive readers. Parental discretion is advised.

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