Wireshark 2 Quick Start Guide: Secure your network through protocol analysis

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Protect your network as you move from the basics of the Wireshark scenarios to detecting and resolving network anomalies.

Key Features
  • Learn protocol analysis, optimization and troubleshooting using Wireshark, an open source tool
  • Learn the usage of filtering and statistical tools to ease your troubleshooting job
  • Quickly perform root-cause analysis over your network in an event of network failure or a security breach
Book Description

Wireshark is an open source protocol analyser, commonly used among the network and security professionals. Currently being developed and maintained by volunteer contributions of networking experts from all over the globe. Wireshark is mainly used to analyze network traffic, analyse network issues, analyse protocol behaviour, etc. - it lets you see what's going on in your network at a granular level. This book takes you from the basics of the Wireshark environment to detecting and resolving network anomalies.

This book will start from the basics of setting up your Wireshark environment and will walk you through the fundamentals of networking and packet analysis. As you make your way through the chapters, you will discover different ways to analyse network traffic through creation and usage of filters and statistical features. You will look at network security packet analysis, command-line utilities, and other advanced tools that will come in handy when working with day-to-day network operations.

By the end of this book, you have enough skill with Wireshark 2 to overcome real-world network challenges.

What you will learn
  • Learn how TCP/IP works
  • Install Wireshark and understand its GUI
  • Creation and Usage of Filters to ease analysis process
  • Understand the usual and unusual behaviour of Protocols
  • Troubleshoot network anomalies quickly with help of Wireshark
  • Use Wireshark as a diagnostic tool for network security analysis to identify source of malware
  • Decrypting wireless traffic
  • Resolve latencies and bottleneck issues in the network
Who this book is for

If you are a security professional or a network enthusiast who is interested in understanding the internal working of networks and packets, then this book is for you. No prior knowledge of Wireshark is needed.

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