One-dimensional Transition Metal Oxides and Their Analogues for Batteries

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This book highlights the use of one-dimensional transition metal oxides and their analogue nanomaterials for battery applications. The respective chapters present examples of one-dimensional nanomaterials with different architectures, as well as a wide range of applications, e.g. as electrode materials for batteries. The book also addresses various means of synthesizing one-dimensional nanomaterials, e.g. electrospinning, the Kirkendall effect, Ostwald ripening, heterogeneous contraction, liquid-phase preparation, the vapor deposition approach and template-assisted synthesis. In closing, the structural design, optimization and promotion of one-dimensional transition metal oxide electrode materials are discussed.

The book chiefly focuses on emerging configurable designs, including core-shell architectures, hollow architectures and other intricate architectures. In turn, the applications covered reflect essential recent advances in many modern types of battery. Accordingly, the book offers an informative and appealing resource for a wide readership in various fields of chemical science, materials and engineering.

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