Beyond the Firm

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BEYOND THE FIRM as told by George Dorling to Pete McKenna. The true hardhitting frequently humorous and harrowing story of George Dorling. As a young scally in Liverpool George was a typical 80's soccer casual hooligan and member of the notorious Everton firm before he changed his life forever, following in his fathers footsteps, by joining the 2nd batallion the Parachute Regiment. George served fifteen years in the Paras including time in the Parachute Regiments own elite special forces group the Pathfinders. During his military career George saw action in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo and Sierra Leone where he was part of the elte team of special forcres troops sent in to rescue a group of Irish Rangers captured and held hostage by the notorious criminal militia the West Side Boys.Currently living a much more sedate life in Blackpool, George takes the reader on an incredible roller coaster journey beyond the firm so lace up your boots, strap on your Bergen pack and join him on the march of a life time.

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New Haven Publishing Ltd
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