To Walk On Water

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If pride comes before a fall, so too does greed. When George Jensen discovers his wife Paula's adultery with the rich and influential Martin Brack, the scene is set for a vengeful campaign of blackmail. Brack soon realises that Jensen will not go away; he must be removed. But there was homework to be done and by its neglect the plan goes disastrously wrong. Jensen is left doubly embittered and very much alive. His response is naked greed, fuelled by unreasoning anger. Both protagonists are facing destruction. In this woeful tale there is sexual dalliance, blackmail, death and mindless retribution. The cruel twist at the story's heart is beautifully counterbalanced by the fresh breath of innocent hope and a quiet striving for reconciliation enacted by two young children, carrying the episode to a moving and magical conclusion. Theirs is the final distinction and dignity.

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