Congress and the War on Terror: Making Policy for the Long War

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As the U.S. government continues the battle against terrorism, Congress-representatives of the people-must develop long-term policies that provide for national security and protect the civil liberties of the American people.

Much of the conversation surrounding the War on Terror focuses on presidential power and responses to the president's exercising that power. Often overlooked or downplayed is the role of Congress in directing the outcome of the war. This book illustrates how Congress-in conjunction with the president and the judiciary-has played a key role in laying the foundation for many post-9/11 policies in areas such as surveillance and detention.

Instead of arguing that Congress is incapable of making successful counterterrorism policy, Congress and the War on Terror objectively examines what Congress has done in the past to suggest what action may be needed in the future. Covering controversial topics including torture, interrogation, drones, and military tribunals, it shows that only understanding previous decisions will enable Americans to determine what role Congress should play as the United States fights terror.

  • Chronicles congressional policymaking in the War on Terror, notes its successes and failures, and provides recommendations to improve the congressional role in the US's fight against terror
  • Includes up-to-date examples of post-9/11 issues such as military tribunals and electronic surveillance
  • Focuses on how Congress handles conflict related to the important issue of War on Terror policymaking
  • Explores whether Congress can serve as the voice of the American people in debating the balance between national security and civil liberties

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