Monitoring, Stimulation, Prevention and Remediation of Dense and Debris Flows

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Containing papers presented at the fourth in a series of biennial International Conferences dealing with the Monitoring, Simulation, Prevention and Remediation of Dense and Debris Flow, this book addresses the need for a better understanding of the ever more frequent phenomena known as debris flows. Due to the increased occurrence of debris and hyper-concentrated flows and the impact they have on both the environment and human life, these extreme events and the related processes have been attracting increased attention from research groups and land planning and management professionals. A full understanding of these phenomena will lead to an integrated risk management approach that can include measures to prevent a hazard turning into a disaster. The papers presented at the conference deal with Debris Flow Modelling; Monitoring and Measurement; Risk Assessment; Sediment Transport and Debris Flow; Protective Barriers; Landslide Phenomena. The book will be useful to engineers, scientists and managers from laboratories, industry, government and academia who deal with risk management, natural disasters, and the phenomena themselves.

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