Shallow Slumber


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Shallow Slumber is a new play by award-winning writer and social worker Chris Lee, exploring therelationship between a young mother and a social worker. Dawn never thought motherhood would feel like this. Moira never thought she'd have a case like this. Unfolding backwards to the heart-rending moment when everything changed, Shallow Slumber looks past the headlines to the lives beneath.

The play tackles the topical and thorny issue of social care, intervention and trust in a contemporary and relevant social setting. Inspired by the Baby P tragedy, this powerful two-hander has an intricate, innovative structure which disturbingly charts the onset of abuse backwards, from contrition and repentance, to the breakdown of the maternal relationship.

With heart-wrenchingly realistic portraits and dialogue which combines fluidity with tightness, Shallow Slumber is an accomplished piece of writing, both structurally and emotionally.

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