Fantastic Lives: Business Sense

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People with a mind for business tend to share a few of the same qualities. They're often creative, they're problem solvers, and they pay attention to the world around them. The five young entrepreneurs in this book possess a blend of these qualities--and more. They want to help and inspire others as much as they want to grow their businesses. The inspirational stories of these young innovators will captivate readers! Featuring TIME content and images, this nonfiction book has text features such as a glossary, an index, and a table of contents to engage students in reading as they build their comprehension, vocabulary, and reading skills. The Reader's Guide and extended Try It! activity increase understanding of the material, and develop higher-order thinking. Check It Out! offers print and online resources for additional reading. Packed with fun facts and fascinating sidebars, this full-color informational text engages readers with high-interest content.

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