Older Americans, Vital Communities: A Bold Vision for Societal Aging

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Impelled by the realization that his undergraduate students seem unaware of their place in a personal or societal trajectory over time, Achenbaum has written a book that will capture the attention of students and others alike. He states, "Life's Uncertain Voyage attempts to grapple with major issues associated with societal aging from a historical perspective." Grounding his assessment in literature, philosophy, and history, Achenbaum looks at the demographics of our aging society and the impact on employment and markets, education, health care, religion and spirituality, and political action. The book "ends by challenging the Baby Boomers to be trailblazers as members of particular networks and as citizens of the world." The reviewer says, "Researchers have been aware for some time that the 'aging experience' is not uniform and the population of elders markedly diverse. The 'Uncertain [Voyage]' will be distinctive in offering an extended and tightly knit exploration of these phenomena and [...] in doing so with the perspective of a masterful historian." This book will be read by students and professionals in adult development and aging (psychology and gerontology); some general readers may also be interested.

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