Heaven on Earth: The Temple in Biblical Theology

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Examining the concept of 'Temple' throughout Scripture, HEAVEN ON EARTH explores one of the most interesting, but least appreciated themes in biblical theology. Far from being a building used simply for religious activities, the Temple in biblical literature embodies a rich variety of theological ideas. At the heart of these is the interface provided between a holy God and sinful people. An understanding of the role of the Temple (and its predecessor, the Tabernacle) in biblical history provides a remarkable insight into the redemptive purposes of God. From the Garden of Eden in Genesis to the new creation in Revelation, biblical literature abounds with references and allusions to the Temple, all of which underline its significance as an institution and concept. HEAVEN ON EARTH brings evangelical biblical scholars and theologians together to offer a fresh approach to this often neglected area. The biblical essays cover Old Testament, inter-testamental and New Testament material. From Paternoster Press.

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