Maria: The Hunting Season

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In 1923 a young, beautiful but naive Maria Dubois is forced to give up her son for adoption by her over bearing mother to save family honour following her affair with a local politician. She vows to find her son no matter what the cost, no matter how long it takes. In 1948 Maria is coming to terms with her new life and family and her role in SOE during world war two when a package arrives giving the first clue as to her son's whereabouts. Maria's son is part of the Zionist movements struggle for Israel's independence against both the British and Arabs in post war Palestine, and as such Maria is not the only one looking for him. With the aid of tough French paratrooper and former resistance colleague Claude Lebel, Maria's journey takes her through a series of brutal encounters with sinister forces determined to stop her at any cost. Ultimately she, Claude and Wilhelm will face a do or die confrontation with a powerful and ruthless enemy determined to change the course of Israel's history. Maria: The Hunting Season is the sequel to Reaper in the Sky.

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