Socialism: What Went Wrong

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The chasm between huge individual wealth and of the abject misery of hundreds of millions of people persists and, can in many cases be said to be widening. Irwin Silber's view is is that the conflict between the rapaciousness of "the system" and popular discontent has to provide the conditions for a new social order. Socialism in some form, argues Silber, is an essential element in a future for the whole human race.

Socialism: What Went Wrong? is a clearing of the decks; a bold attempt to look at both the doctrines of Marx and Lenin, weighing this against the practice of socialism in the Soviet Union. Irwin Silber argues that it is now incumbent on those who devoted their lives to socialism to undertake a rigorous analysis of its failure in the USSR and to understand the history and achievements of Soviet socialism. The book's central thesis is that the present is simply "uncertain", a price we pay for being emancipated from the atrophied ideas and cliche ridden truths of the Soviet era. To move forward we must free ourselves from the sacred texts of Marx and Lenin and the deification of Marx(ism) as a doctrine. This book will appeal to all those who wish to face that challenge for political renewal.

'Socialism: What Went Wrong is a worthwhile read for socialists and communists of many stripes and tendencies, for the new Ad the old, for all those who are asking '"Socialism, What is Wrong?" and "How do we change?". It would be a great book to discuss on the interenet, in more traditional meeting rooms and in the halls of learning, with our hearts and mindsa in pursuit of justice for the coming new century' Roma Guy, Crossroads

Irwin Silber's frank and critical analysis of the theoretical and programmatic problems and contradictions of the socialist ideal should be an essential part of the process of reevaluation and political renewal' Manning Marable

'A provocative, well written volume' Paul Buhle (author of "Marxism in the United States")

'A useful survey of all the main elements, theoretical and practical, national and international, that went towards the creation of Stalin's Soviet Union, and the profound defects that led to its collapse' Labour Research

'A comprehensive and informed analysis by a skiled journalist wotking within the Marxist tradition who is well acquainted with official documents and Soviet memoirs' Choice

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