Comtoise 2nd Edition

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If you've just dragged a dusty old Comtoise long case clock from the back of a dusty old French barn, or if you just want to know more of what goes on behind the dial, this book is for you. The 2nd edition of this popular book is a much expanded 94-page run down on where these clocks came from, who built them and why, and practical help in restoring cases and rebuilding movements. Above all it's about the heart and soul of these light-hearted, friendly and functional works of art. It includes a list of parts of the movement, glossary and a list of Makers, Movers and Shakers. You will find useful facts, figures and photographs relating to the different styles of cases, their construction and the (sometimes quite personal) messages scrawled therein. Also detailed and illustrated are pendulum styles throughout the period and 4 pages on the different designs of brass frontons. As well as a section on the Vineyard wall clock, there is a supplement covering the Swedish Mora clock and Danish Bornholm clock.

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