The Crash Put Simply: Oct-87

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Written for the general reader who has little financial background, this book analyzes the extended bull market of the 1980s and the subsequent stock market crash on October 19, 1987. To tell their story, the authors use a sample portfolio of stocks, bonds, options, savings, and warrants, tracing actual investments bought and sold from the early 1980s through the October 1987 crash. By following their hypothetical portfolio through the ups and downs of the 1980s market, the reader gains a practical understanding of the workings of the stock market and the pressures that led to its calamitous plunge in October 1987. Anyone seeking a practical and nontechnical yet thorough explanation of the events of October 19th will find The Crash Put Simply fascinating reading.

As their story unfolds, the authors explain each type of investment in detail, paying special attention to their advantages and risks. They trace the impact of specific events on the market, using the sample portfolio to illustrate typical investor expectations and reactions during the long bull market. This unique approach enables the reader to understand how events moved the market and how, in the week prior to October 19th, a panic of action and reaction finally brought the market crashing down.

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