The Law of Domestic and International Strategic Alliances: A Survey for Corporate Management

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The comprehensive guide to all the essential legal and business considerations in structuring domestic and international strategic business alliances. Readers are provided with a clear and concise introduction to the various domestic and international laws and regulations that impact strategic business relationships, including intellectual property law, antitrust law, commercial law, tax law, agency and distribution laws, and foreign investment laws. An indispensable resource for consummating sales representation arrangements, licensing arrangements, research and development arrangements, manufacturing and distribution arrangements, joint ventures, equity investment, and negotiated acquisitions. The book is intended for entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals.

Entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, accounts, and others involved in structuring cooperative business arrangements will benefit from the step-by-step approach to each strategic business relationship. The book provides guidance on each of the crucial steps in the negotiation process, including the selection of the prospective strategic business partner, the protection of trade secrets and confidential information, the due diligence process, representations and warranties, and dispute resolutions. Readers will gain an understanding of the essential bodies of law that might affect a relationship, such as intellectual property law, antitrust and competition law, laws relating to the sale of goods, agency and distribution laws, tax laws, export controls and antiboycott laws, and foreign inbound investment and technology transfer laws. The book covers each basic strategic business relationship that a firm might enter into to facilitate the development, manufacture, and distribution of products and services, including long-term functional contracts and joint ventures, minority investments, and negotiated acquisitions.

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