Virtual Power: Using Your PC to Realize the Life of Your Dreams

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Mark Bunting, presenter of his own televison shows on computers in America, combines plain-language explanations and infectious enthusiasm to transform the way people think about their home computers. After all, the Personal Computer is not merely an expensive machine bought for typing letters; it can become the most extraordinary tool because it enables the user to build, fix, or create whatever they will. In VIRTUAL POWER, entrepeneurs will learn how to write business plans, keep abreast of financial news, and chat with colleagues and customers. Students can access accurate, up-to-date information on any subject; hobbyists can hook up with others who share their interests; and people eager to expand their circle of friends can tap into a world of new possiblities. Bunting's user-friendly, accessible guide to maximising potential of computers is sure to become a backlist staple for many seasons to come.

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Simon & Schuster
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