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Men's men's poetry. A handy book for to have a copy of 'The Star-Spangled Banner', rewritten (Mannkey, little fellow's, version), in 'Interspliced Between Tides'. Including, 'The Wizard of Oz Came One'; 'The Song of My Heart'; 'Das Lied meines Herzens'; 'The White Man's Enterprise'; 'Jack the Nipper'; 'The Shun Cadre'; 'Durian The Fruit's Fruit'; 'Cloves, The Real Gay Flower'; 'The Sarawakian Jungle'; 'Nickels and Dimes'; 'Of all the asses in the world, or, A Leaf from Men's Men's Dictionary'; 'Where The Men Are'; and, '"But, hark the beyond!"'.

It's men's men's poetry as I imagine men's men would consider it to be. I write as the Muse hits, and though the subjects don't strictly fall under 'LGBT poetry' as the given category of book, the topics covered and language used are I purport what would come under the purview of 'men's men's poetry', which, however, is NOT presently accorded its unique status under the established classification systems.

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