Microarray Analysis: Biochips and Eradication of all Diseases


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Microarray Analysis is a natural outgrowth of the author's teaching and research into the fi eld of microarray processing, a fast growing and developing fi eld. There has been a reduction in the genominomics of sequencing of DNA and proteins: from $3 billion in HGP costs down to $1000 per genome in 2014 using next-generation sequencers. Different sequencing methods in place and various applications of these methods are illustrated. Commercially available Next-Generation Sequencers are compared side-side by side. This book will show how the biochemical reactions involved in the different steps of the cure process can be studied using microarray methods. Examples will be provided throughout the text of various disease states, including the spread of cystic fi brosis in children, consanguineous marriages in Saudi Arabia, genetic disorders, and autoimmune disorders. The protocols from sample preparation to confocal scanning microscopy and detectors using photo multiplier tubes to statistical data analysis methods will be discussed in detail. The Polymerase chain reaction, a technique used to amplify and simultaneously quantify a targeted DNA molecule is explored in relation to the best surface to be used for Microarray Analysis. Sanger sequencing, sequencing by synthesis, sequencing by ligation, single molecule sensing, DNA passage through nanopores in graphene are some methods used for obtaining sequence distribution information.

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