Where The Men Are: Men's Men's Poetry


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He emerged from out the jungle, all the hell, eggcraftics, war and games, and all, and he said to himself: "Can't wait for it, men and whisky for breakfast." Still messing around? Bacon and eggs, really? Men and whisky for breakfast, one and all. Presently. Clean up your act. Come clean, come into your own. A good clean Scotch anytime. Have a quiet smoke, see. Men and whisky for breakfast at Tiffany's. If only a happy, positive thought. Men and whisky for breakfast. Including the manfucking classics and favourites; the two pre-requisites: '"All based on German"', and, 'What have you got?, or, Enumerations and Ruminations'; and, 'Looking Ahead', and, 'The clean ones, simply put'.

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