The Trial of Jesus

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Many important issues are connected with the trial and death of Jesus, not least the question of who was mainly instrumental in seeking his death; and the manifest tendency of the GOspels to put the blame on the Jews and play down the role of the Romans has had pernicious effects throughout history. A clear historical understanding is obviously of the utmost importance and that is what this new book aims to provide. Taking account of all the most recent literature, from both the historical and the legal side, it clearly sets out the main issues that arise, and the most likely answers to the questions they pose. How reliable are the sources? Why ws Jesus arrested? Was his trial primarily a Jewish affair or a Roman affair? Does greater knowledge of Jewish and Roman law illuminate the proceedings? Beginning with the arrest of Jewsus it goes through the events of his last days in Jerusalem as related by the Gospels, covering them in detail right through the legal processes to Jesus' scouring, crucifixion and burial. Those who have never studied the issues raised here, and those who have found previous studies daunting and confusing by their complexity, will find a level-headed and judicious guide

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