Spices, Plantation Crops, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: A Handbook

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This book is a single hand source book which deals with all aspects and facts of Spices, Plantation Crops, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants which may meet the requirements of all those who are pursuing their interest in any fields related to spices, medicinal plants, aromatic plants etc. Along with students who are preparing themselves for the RF, SRF, NET, Ph.D., ARS, and other competitive examinations. The book has been divided into major sections covering more than 200 crops on: o Spices and Condiments o Plantation Crops o Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Within depth knowledge and information on below given topics of more than o Importance and technical Information o Crop Improvement o Crop Production o Crop Protection o Diseases and Insect Pest Management o Post Harvest Technology

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New India Publishing Agency
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