An Encyclopedia of Candy and Ice-Cream Making

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Who is the master confectioner? He is the man who is an expert in his trade, who knows his business from A to Z, and can teach others to become proficient in this field. The author of this book began as a candymaker in early youth and has devoted his entire life to candymaking. He has written this book so that others may benefit from fifty-two years of experience and hard work. Many good candy books have been published, but as a rule they do not cover the retail and smaller wholesale manufacturing field completely. For example: A certain formula, though it may be the best, calls for steam or vacuum cooking. This will not suit the candymaker who uses open-fire cooking. Here is only one example in a hundred where a formula that is suitable for the large candy factory will not give good results in the medium shop. The large candy manufacturer has his highly paid executive to take care of all his problems, but the smaller manufacturer has his hands full with making and selling his products. He is only too likely to neglect the candymaking end. That is why this book should be of particular interest to the retail and medium-wholesale candymaker. The man who must know his business from A to Z should find this work a treasury of candymaking.

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