Nutritional Disorders in Fruit Crops: Diagnosis and Management


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Diagnosis involves careful observation of crop with a thorough knowledge of crop behaviour as well as a complete understanding of functions of nutrients and their deficiency symptoms. Diagnostic techniques vary from crop to crop depending upon the field condition in which the deficiency occurs. Indian agriculture has entered into an era of multiple nutrient deficiencies. Realizing the gravity of emerging problem of nutrient deficiencies and to fulfill an immediate need to tackle them more efficiently, a guide on diagnosis of nutritional disorders and their corrections in crop plants has been prepared. All the new diagnostic techniques have been discussed in a simple language. The book has been designed in such a way as to improve the knowledge on diagnosis of deficiencies of mineral elements essential for normal plant growth, and of the methods by which such deficiencies may most effectively be remedied. The main feature of this book is the detailed description of the various visual deficiency symptoms exhibited by the fruit crops. The book has been written primarily for the use of the students of Horticulture and Agriculture to help update their knowledge on nutritional and physiological disorders of fruit crops. It is also felt that the book will provide a suitable basis for those engaged in the profession of agriculture like extension workers and progressive farmers. We hope that this book will go a long way to help in increased fruit production by proper diagnosis and suitable correction of nutritional disorders in fruit crops.

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