Addressing Multicultural Needs in School Guidance and Counseling

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Globalization and shifting demographics have led to a call for an immediate change in education-based counseling. Future school counselors must be equipped with 21st century skills that are applicable across cultural boundaries and applied in a global context.

Addressing Multicultural Needs in School Guidance and Counseling is a pivotal reference source that provides a framework for school counselors and life skills teachers to implement globally-focused comprehensive school guidance and counseling programs in schools, as well as intervention strategies that effectively deal with psychosocial issues facing students and their families. Highlighting topics such as child abuse, diversity awareness, and antisocial behavior, this publication explores skills applicable to the global cultural shift and the methods of guiding students to reach a higher level of self-fulfillment in their lives. It is ideally designed for school administrators, school counselors, psychologists, educational professionals, academicians, researchers, and students.

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