500 Chicken Recipes

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This title features delectable poultry and game dishes from soups and salads to roasts, pies, stir-fries, Casseroles and curries, with 500 photographs. It is a fabulous collection of 500 recipes for cooking chicken, turkey and game in traditional and innovative ways. It offers a wide variety of soups and appetizers, midweek meals, roasts, casseroles and pies, as well as special-occasion, low-fat, and hot and spicy dishes to try. It offers tempting ideas from around the world, including dishes from Italy, Greece, India, Thailand, the Caribbean and Morocco - try adding ginger, tarragon, olives, lemon grass and even tamarind to your cooking to ring the changes. You can enjoy the versatility of chicken, turkey and game in this definitive collection of 500 delicious recipes. The book provides inspiration for every occasion, from simply prepared soups, stir-fries and salads, to tasty midweek meals, barbecues and elaborate dinner-party creations. It features classic recipes such as Chicken Soup, Traditional Chicken Pie and Roast Chicken, as well as new recipes from around the world. As a high-protein, low-fat food, poultry is ideal for the weight conscious, and there is a chapter devoted to low fat recipes. There is also essential information about the different cuts of chicken and turkey, and how to prepare them for cooking.

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