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All of us face challenges, rough patches and struggles in life. During these times we are often our own worst enemy, experiencing unwelcome emotions, thinking and behaviours. The one thing that has stood out to Professor Steve Peters in his years of supporting people as a Consultant Psychiatrist is that no matter what you may be facing in life, if you have the skills to be in a good place emotionally then you can cope, thrive and present the real you to the world.

Now, bestselling author of The Chimp Paradox, has created a structured, practical self-development programme to help you attain psychological health and wellbeing. Professor Peters explains complex neuroscience in straightforward terms with his Chimp Management Mind Model. The 8 stages of the book will help you to focus on yourself, empower you and leads you along a path to robustness and resilience.

If we could have perfect management of our mind, and be robust and resilient, life would be so much easier; so why can't we?

This book will: * Explain why and how to manage the struggle within the mind * Help to put you into a good place within yourself * Take you along a path leading to robustness and resilience * Offer you a practical structured programme * Demonstrate how to acquire the skill of mind management.

Areas covered include: * Improved relationships * Emotional management * Self-confidence * Peace of mind * Happiness * Managing stress.

Professor Peters: "I sincerely hope that you will find the book helpful, and that the jungle of life will become much more manageable, as you find your own inner strength."

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