A View from the Inland Empire: Everyday Life in America

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The United States of America is a vast, ever changing mixture of people, places, and events. Americans readily identify with their nation, as well as their region, state, town, and neighborhood. The tighter the focus, the quirkier the characteristics--although common themes of community, commerce, and commitment abound.
In this wonderfully written book, author Stephen J. Lyons examines everyday life in that part of the West known as the Inland Empire -- the area along the border of Washington and Idaho redolent with an inspiring landscape of forests and fields. While not a precise geographical area, this term has the following imprecise boundaries in mind: the Canadian border to the north; perhaps McCall, Idaho, to the south; the Bitterroot Mountains to the east along the Idaho/Montana border; and Moses Lake, Washington, or thereabouts to the west. And everything in between. Spokane, Washington would be the capitol of the region.
With sensitivity, compassion, and grace, author Stephen J. Lyons takes us into the tight-knit communities of the loggers, chaplains, artists, and others who define their lives in the wide-open spaces west of the Continental Divide.

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