Access and Other Rights over Rural Land

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This short book introduces the main rights private citizens or companies may have or acquire over farms and estates, including utility-company wayleaves and easements, private easements, public rights of way, compulsory purchase, restrictive covenants and common rights. The book will equip the reader with a fundamental knowledge and understanding of these rights, their frameworks and issues that can arise when rights are exercised or disputed. It shows that the free movement of land can be restricted by the rights a third party may hold over the land. An understanding of these topics is vital to students and trainees of land management and agriculture. The book is also a handy reference text for farmers, land managers and estate owners who may encounter a range of rights affecting land they manage, and wish to get the best support from their adviisers. It is a valuable primer for other professionals working with farm and land managers, such as accountants and agronomists, to understand the impacts rights over land can have on their clients

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