Advanced Oxidation Processes for Wastewater Treatment: An Innovative Approach

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Advanced Oxidation Processes for Wastewater Treatment: An Innovative Approach : This book highlights the importance of various innovative advanced oxidation technology to clean up the environment from pollution caused by human activities. It assesses the potential application of several existing bioremediation techniques and introduces new emerging technologies.

This book is an updated vision of the existing advanced oxidation strategies with their limitations and challenges and their potential application to remove environmental pollutants. It also introduces the new trends and advances in environmental bioremediation technology with thorough discussion of recent developments in this field.

This book highlights the importance of different innovative advanced oxidation process to deal with the ever-increasing number of environmental pollutants.


  1. Illustrates the importance of various advance oxidation processes in effluent treatment plant
  2. Points out the reuse of the treated wastewater through emerging advance oxidation technologies for effluent treatment plant
  3. Highlights the recovery of resources from wastewater
  4. Pays attention to the occurrence of novel micro-pollutants
  5. Emphasizes the role of nanotechnology in bioremediation of pollutants
  6. Introduces new trends in environmental bioremediation

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