Agile Manufacturing: Globalised Customerized Green Products

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"Agile Manufacturing" is a revolutionary approach that has opened up new pathways in designing and implementing manufacturing systems using new and emerging technologies and organisational management. It is a continuous driving enterprise involving a quantum leap in our current thinking about manufacturing systems; development of the needed capability to respond to the demands of highly customized products of high quality.

Agile manufacturing calls for the integration of management, highly skilled and knowledgeable methods to penetrate highly competitive and dynamic niche market environments to successfully achieve world-class performance. All these requirements are mutually interdependent and require a strategy not only to become agile but also to exploit and dominate that agility. It also needs new productive skills and knowledge-enhancing research-based technologies to support futuristic manufacturing systems.

This text discusses all the aspects related to agile manufacturing. Broadly it covers its advantages, applications, inputs and outputs, importance, core concepts and representative case studies. The book will be useful for industry, engineering students, practising engineers, and anyone involved in industrial and business management.

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