Air and Space Origami Kit: Paper Rockets, Airplanes, Spaceships and More!

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Fold realistic paper models of some of the most astonishing aircraft and spacecraft ever designed! The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum hosts seven million visitors annually;a testament to our enduring fascination with flight. Noted origami artist John Szinger has created this unique collection of 14 paper models inspired by real-life flying vehicles;from commercial jetliners to single- and multi-stage rockets, a re-entry space pod and even a UFO! Each model comes complete with a set of interesting facts about the vehicle as well as detailed step-by-step instructions showing you how to fold it. This box contains everything you need: a full-colour instruction book, 48 sheets of high-quality folding paper plus over 100 stickers to add the finishing details. Let your imagination soar with 14 original designs, including: A Supersonic Transport recalling the golden age of commercial hypersonic travel! The Space Pod, designed to safely return astronauts to earth through the intense heat of re-entry! A graceful Hot Air Balloon;make several to create your own miniature ballooning festival! An elusive Flying Saucer;try as they might, the government can't conceal this one! A sci-fi inspired Art Deco Rocket with exaggerated fins and sleek lines! And many other thrilling origami air and space models!This kit includes: A colourful 64-page step-by-step origami instructions book 14 exciting air and space origami projects 48 sheets of double-sided, custom designed folding paper 100+ colourful Stickers

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Mixed Media Product
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