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Baking for Special Diets teaches readers how to widen thescope of their offerings and create flavorful recipes to meet allkinds of dietary needs. This text explains the wide range ofdietary challenges of which pastry chefs and bakers should beconscious, including celiac disease, diabetes, high blood pressure,high cholesterol, kosher diets, and more. Introductory chapterscover general nutrition information, ingredientsubstitutions. The text also explains through examples how toconvert your own recipes to meet the needs of a particularcustomer. Subsequent chapters provide recipes for a wide range ofdietary concerns, from vegetarian, vegan, and low-fat baked goodsto delectable desserts that are gluten-, lactose-, or sugar-free.From Low-Fat Vanilla Mousse and Reduced-Calorie Linzer Cookies toSugar-Free Creme Caramel and Vegan Boston Cream Pie, Bakingfor Special Diets provides chefs with an arsenal of recipesthat are healthy, versatile, and always delicious.

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