Bear Volume 2: Demons

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  • Giggle like a kidney!! Not content with filling a book chock full of sadistic Bear-slapping, we filled another book with it! A second bounty of carnage, profanity and friendship hugs (lie), as our furry tyke romps through a world filled with TV, idiots and a certain homicidal cat. Bear Demons squeezes the horror of Bear Silence, the love of Bear Heart, the frenzy of Bear Looshkin, and the world weary Bear B*stards, crashing towards the series twisting conclusion with Bear X. Five issues of crazed hell, add to that an extra issue's worth of exclusive Bear stories, various chutnies, and a handful of poster pages by comic royalty, and you got yourself a hairy fisted socko of loving, mister missus. whoomp!!

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