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The mysterious phenomenon of physical mediumship seemingly breaks both religious orthodoxy and scientific convention. Is it possible that the dead can return, within the shadowy confines of the seance room? For over 150 years, spiritualists have not only claimed to be able to contact the souls of the dead, but that a certain few have the rare ability to channel the departed and cause them to materialise them as fully-formed and recognisable human beings. Drawing on extensive original research and unique personal experiences of seance room phenomena, Paul Adams explores the evidence for life after death as demonstrated through the lives and psychic careers of some of the most remarkable physical mediums of all time. From the Victorian controversies of Florence Cook and Eusapia Palladino, through the famous 'witchcraft' trial of Helen Duncan and the post-war seances of Alec Harris, to the groundbreaking British Scole Experiment.

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