Bible Wars and Weapons

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The real-life exploits of the Bible come alive in Bible Wars and Weapons. Kids 8 and up have a passport to the front lines of battles in the Bible-from the famous takedown of Jericho and wars against Israel's enemies to Abraham's daring rescue of Lot and other lesser-known yet exciting clashes. Each encounter comes to life with lots of large black-and-white illustrations and kid-friendly explanations that break down the battle, the heroes involved, the weapons used, and what it really might have been like for the people involved.

Exciting battles, courageous leaders, and surprising heroes ... we read about them all the time in adventure books and see them in thrilling movies. But some of the most interesting clashes and stories can actually be found in the Bible if you know what to look for. In Bible Wars and Weapons , fifteen battles are presented in exciting detail, in language that makes the real emotions and stakes come alive for kids. With detailed illustrations, battle maps, and information on the people involved, readers will see the battles in the Bible in a new light-and become smarter when it comes time to face the battles in their own lives.

Bible Wars and Weapons :

  • contains biblically sound information in language kids can relate to
  • works as an age-appropriate reference guide for any child 8 to 12 learning more about the Bible
  • contains large text and an open page design, along with lots of detailed illustrations, making it perfect for reluctant readers
  • is part of the 2:52 series of books, which focuses on becoming more like Jesus as described in Luke 2:52

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