Biogas: Production, Applications & Global Developments

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In Chapter One, Antonio Colmenar-Santos, Enrique Rosales-Asensio, David Borge-Diez, and Manuel Castro-Gil present an overview of current research on equitable alternatives for recently constructed concentrated solar power plants in Spain. Next, Chapter Two by Dian Andriani, Arini Wresta, Arifin Santosa, and Kusnadi discusses the idea that various raw materials can be used for biogas production. Additionally, the authors discuss modern biogas production technologies. In Chapter Three, Caroline Borges Agustini and Mariliz Gutterres provide a review on the significance of biogas production in conjunction with its characteristics and handling problems. Following this, the authors go on to review current microorganism identification techniques as well as crop optimisation techniques. In Chapter Five, Sina Gilassi, Seyed Mohammad Taghavi, Serge Kaliaguine, and Denis Rodrigue suggest commercial polymer hollow fibres could be used to improve separation efficiency and CH4 purity in biogas production. Vladimir I. Shcherbakov, Nadezhda V. Kuznetsova, and Tatiana V. Shchyukina present research with the goal of determining favourable conditions for methane forming bacteria vital functions, fermentation processes intensification methods, and developing advance capacity reactors in Chapter Six. Afterwards, Chapter Seven by Spyridon Achina and Vasileios Achinas deliberates on the physicochemical properties of biogas and the need for further research on the subject. In Chapter Eight, Kevin N. Nwaigwe, Uchenna C. Egbufor, Sambas N. Asoegwu, and Christopher C. Enweremadu propose water hyacinth as a substrate for biogas production. Chapter Nine by Preseela Satpathy, PhD examines recent trends in biogas technology advancements. Next, Chapter Ten by Caroline Borges Agustini and Mariliz Gutterres explores the anaerobic process characteristics of anaerobic digestion, as well as its efficiency. In Chapter Eleven, Mohamed Habib Sellami exhibits a modelling approach designed to hypothesise the performance, impact, and profitability of systems cogenerating energy from released biogas. In conclusion, Chapter Twelve by K. N. Nwaigwe, E. E. Anyanwu and C. C. Enweremadu presents a synopsis on bioreactor technology development trends.

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