Bunker Research: The hidden history of modernism in the mountains

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High above the pleasure palaces of the French Riviera is the Alpine Extension of the Maginot Line. These little-known bunkers were built in the 1930s to protect against Mussolini. But things didn't quite turn out at the French expected . . .

Now, they are marooned and crumbling in some of the most beautiful, remote parts of the Alps. They are disappearing into the landscapes they once commanded, stray facts from a future passed, still waiting for an onslaught that never came.

Bunker Research is for adventurers, architects, historians, mountain lovers and urban explorers. Follow this disquieting journey, told in stunning photos and prose, up peaks, along ridges and down valleys, searching for the hidden history of modernism in the mountains.

The second edition follows the long-sold-out limited first printing, which won 'Best Self-Published Book' at the British Book Design & Production Awards 2016. If features 10 pages of new photos.

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