Can't We Just Print More Money?: Economics in Ten Simple Questions

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'A well-written treat' Professor David Spiegelhalter, author of The Art of Statistics
'An enjoyable introduction' The Times
'Entertaining and essential' Laura Whateley, author of Money: A User's Guide

Why are all my clothes made in Asia? How come I'm so much richer than my great-great-grandma? And what even is money?

Whether you're buying lunch, looking for a job, or applying for a mortgage, the thing we call 'the economy' is going to set the terms. A pity, then, that many of us have no idea how the economy actually works.

That's where this book comes in. The Bank of England is Britain's most important financial institution, responsible for printing money, regulating banks and keeping the economy running smoothly. Now, the Bank's team take you inside their hallowed halls to explain what economics can - and can't - teach us about the world. Along the way, they offer intriguing examples of econ in action: in financial crises and Freddo prices, growth stages and workers' wages. Accessible, authoritative and surprisingly witty, this is a crash course in economics and why it matters.

'If you feel you should understand how economists think but have no idea where to start, this book is the answer . . . Buy this book for the inquiring person, young, old or in between.' Martin Wolf, Financial Times

The Sunday Times Business Bestseller

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