Carbon Capture and Storage: R&D Technologies for Sustainable Energy Future

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Carbon Capture and Storage discusses mitigation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for a sustainable energy future, in five sections:
  • Research priorities in the carbon capture and storage with growing concerns about energy security emerging from climate change considerations and increasing dependence on coal, including new research tools in enhanced oil recovery and geological sequestration of CO2.
  • Research on novel materials, amines, absorbents and non-conventional pressure swing adsorption cycles for CO2 recovery.
  • Various routes of transition towards carbon capture and storage in power plants - U.K. Perspective.
  • Research in oil and coal fields as well as in other geological media such as basalt rocks, saline aquifers and oil shale along with monitoring and well-integrity aspects of CO2 injection.
  • U.S. and European Union activities in networking of CO2 storage research and industrial initiatives in hydrogen power with carbon capture.

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