Catulla et al

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"Catulla et al" summons up the sensual and scandalous spirit of the Latin poet Catullus - his lyricism, diatribe and bawdy - by turns wrenching, cynical and outrageous. But whereas the Roman love chronicler is a young man about town, Tiffany Atkinson's Catulla is a free-thinking female confronting modern mores with both ambivalence and uneasy embarrassment. The Catulla poems in her second book show a shift away from the loosely confessional or straightforwardly narrative poems of her first collection, "Kink and Particle", towards a more explicit playfulness with stories. Other poems try to keep one foot in a recognisable real worldA" while still bending it out of shape with strange plot twists, elements of folk tale or myth, and philosophical musings. Catulla et al was shortlisted for the Roland Mathias Poetry Award (Wales Book of the Year).

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