Cheating The Dealer: Classified: Author Reveals The Top Secrets To Saving Thousands On Your Car Repair

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What really goes on behind those service department garage doors?

Do women really get treated differently at the dealership?

Steve Shaw, author, former service manager and AUTO INDUSTRY INSIDER reveals these TOP SECRETS and more...

What is the secret on saving money on your regular maintenance?

How do mechanics figure the price of your repair bill?

How can you get a free world class inspection?

Can you get a free upgrade on your rental car?

Can you really get free repairs from the dealer?

Can you use competitor coupons at the dealership?

Are extended warranties a rip off? Which ones should you buy, more importantly which ones should you stay away from?

What is the ultimate secret to saving money?

It's all inside. The answers to these and many more questions are just a flip of the book cover away. Many consumers are reporting saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their repair bill. Get Cheating The Dealer today for yourself or a friend. It will be the easiest money you ever saved.

Every car owner needs to read Cheating The Dealer. The information is so secret that no one wanted it published. The auto manufacturers should give this to every consumer! It is a must read.

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