Chicken: a SAVOUR THE SOUTH cookbook

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While fried chicken may be the South's iconic dish, when it comes tosouthern foodways, there are a lot of ways to love America's most popularfowl. Preparations range from Country Captain to Carolina Chicken Bogto Chicken and Parslied Dumplings and more. Here, Cynthia Graubart celebratesthe bird in all its glory, southern style and beyond. This little cookbookpacks all the know-how that cooks need to make irresistible chickendishes for everyday and special occasions, from shopping and selecting tocutting up, frying, braising, roasting, and much more. Ranging in style fromtraditional southern to contemporary to international, fifty-three recipes areorganised to help easily match the cut of chicken on hand to the perfect recipe.Be assured that Graubart includes instructions for making the best friedchicken ever-seven different ways.

Graubart also brings together the chicken's culinary history with the popularculture and lore that surrounds chicken cookery in the South. She notesthat the special Sunday Sabbath dinner was often built around a chicken-infact, prior to the 1940s, chicken was sometimes more expensive than beef orpork. Today, the southern states lead the country in annual poultry production,and Kentucky Fried Chicken features throughout the American landscape.But you won't need take-out when you have Chicken in your kitchen.

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